Professional hosting and managing of your event, ensuring smooth transitions between segments, engaging the audience, and keeping the program on schedule. I introduce speakers or performers, provide necessary commentary, and handle any unexpected issues, creating a seamless and enjoyable event experience.


Provide music and entertainment, curate customized playlists, and handle sound and lighting equipment. Act as the MC, making announcements and guiding the event's flow. The services include pre-wedding consultations, taking song requests, creating the desired ambiance, coordinating with other vendors, and ensuring everything runs smoothly for a memorable celebration.


We provide a setup where guests can sing along to their favorite songs with lyrics displayed on a screen. These services include a DJ mixer, a large selection of songs, microphones, speakers, and sometimes lighting effects. We facilitate the event, managing song requests, encouraging participation, and ensuring a fun and engaging experience for everyone.


We curate and play music to suit the event's atmosphere, providing and managing sound and lighting equipment, taking song requests, and ensuring smooth transitions between segments. We often act as the MC, making announcements and guiding the event's flow, creating an engaging and memorable experience for attendees.


We provides music tailored to the party's vibe, manage sound and lighting equipment, take song requests, and keep the energy high. We often act as the MC, making announcements and ensuring smooth transitions, creating an exciting and memorable experience for guests.


We provide and setup professional lighting equipment to enhance your event's atmosphere. This can involve LED lights, spotlights, strobe lights, and effects like fog machines, all synchronized with the music to create a dynamic and engaging visual experience for the audience.


An event with 7 rounds includes a mix of question formats designed to engage participants. It covers topics such as general knowledge, pop culture, history, science, nature, sports, along with a music round where participants identify songs or artists from audio clips, and a picture round where they identify people, places, or objects from images. These rounds collectively create a fun and interactive experience for everyone involved.

Bingo or
Music Bingo

Bingo is a classic game where players mark numbers on a card as they are called out, aiming to complete a predetermined pattern to win. Music bingo adds a twist by replacing numbers with song titles or artists. Players mark off these musical entries on their cards as songs are played, creating a fun and interactive experience blending music appreciation with the excitement of bingo gameplay.